This year is proving to be an exciting year for the digital world.  More updated web tools and innovations are being introduced and the coming months are sure to herald in more digital trends.

Let’s discuss some of the web design statistics this year:

  1. An estimated 94% of users do not trust websites with outdated web design.

People put top priority on well-designed and compelling website design. Investing in a web design consultant to do your web design is highly recommended if you are not confident about your web design skills.

  1. An estimated 50% of website visitors look for the “About Us” page while 65% visit the contact information of a business website.

This audience behavior indicates that they visit a website to get acquainted with who you are and with a strong desire of doing business with you but would also like to make sure if you are a legitimate and credible business.

  1. Google is the most preferred search engine and drives 96% of search engine traffic.

Google rules when it comes to search engine preference with Yahoo lagging behind at just 1.66% and Bing at only 1%.

  1. An estimated 86% of website visitors look into product and service information.

People visit websites to see what you can offer and with a desire of purchasing or availing of your products and services. Make sure that it is a positive experience by ensuring that your website design and layout allows them to find information quickly.

  1. Majority or at least 95% of web users agree that good user experience makes a website a stand-out.

Users appreciate a compelling and well-designed website as it gives them good user experience due to a high level of convenience and functionality.

  1. At least 29% of small businesses today still do not have a professional website.

There are still enterprises today that do not have a business website. It could be that they’re still not confident to promote digitally or they do not have ample information on the impact and advantage of having a professional website.

  1. An estimated 60% of users admit that they will not recommend a business with a mobile site that has an inferior design.

With mobile phone users almost at 5 billion as per surveys, it follows that more users today prefer mobile sites with an innovative design and won’t recommend one that has a poor layout.

  1. Approximately 67% of visitors are more likely to buy from a mobile-ready website.

Since almost everyone is using mobile phones for accessing websites, it follows that they are most likely to prefer mobile-ready sites.

  1. An estimated 40% of web visitors will leave your site if it has inferior layout and content.

The layout and content of your site play a significant role in ascertaining audience behavior, and if it does not engage them, then they will most likely leave and proceed to competitors’ sites.

  1. 39% of web visitors will stop engaging and will leave your site because of slow loading time of images and other elements.

Make sure that your site loads quickly, at least no more than two seconds or your audience may lose interest in viewing your site.

Getting a good idea of audience behavior when it comes to website design, layout, loading time and mobile-friendliness gives you a keener understanding of the purpose and importance of having a business website.  By taking into consideration these critical statistics, you are assured that your site will not only result in audience engagement but also conversion as well.



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