Web design and graphic design are two very similar concepts but, understandably, some differences set them apart. Graphic design involves the visual and textual context on a physical or virtual form like typography, illustration, and photography. On the other hand, web design entails determining colors, layout, and graphics while incorporating interactive features on a virtual level such as maintaining a website.

Both web and graphic designer share a similarity of function in the sense that they convey ideas through images, visuals, and layout in consideration of the clients’ goals as well as the customers’ needs.  Let us check out the 5 top differences between a web designer and a graphic designer:

  1. The approach to the design process.

A web designer applies an engineering approach to designs and sees art as a way to maximize the use of technology while a graphic designer approaches things more artistically and concerned with a project’s presentation.  Web designers are required to have skills like web application development, PHP, and JavaScript and make full use of web design and editing tools while graphic designers are expected to have typesetting and Photoshop skills.

  1. The audience interaction and relationship.

A web designer has a mutual interaction with the audience as compared to a graphic designer who only has a one-way relationship with the audience. It is because the worldwide web is an interactive medium while the traditional print does not have that capability.

  1. The media that they use

A web designer uses computers and responsible for HTML and programming while a graphic designer works best on print such as paper and cloth, and creates images by hand.

  1. The designer’s mind while making the design

A web designer predicts how design can evoke feelings and reactions from the audience while a graphic designer focuses on how a design conveys a message.

  1. Chances in enhancing and developing designs

A web designer can develop and enhance designs in consideration of resolution and screen size as well as the gadgets used whether laptops, computers or mobile phones. On the other hand, the graphic designer only has limited chance to edit a design because of the traditional print aspect.

Both a web designer and graphic designer are the same since they both make design and layout, but they are different when it comes to the media that they use, execution, and perception. Each has their specializations and limitations, but both are essential in carrying out the visual and creative aspects of design and layout.

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