So, you’ve finally decided to create a website. We commend you for taking that big leap towards further business growth. However, let us make this clear, having a site does not automatically mean that you can benefit from it. While it is true that you are already visible online and attracting visitors, the work does not stop there. You have to convert them into customers and to do that; you have to take note of some vital elements.

Here are seven components of a high converting website:

  1. Easy to use website.

Ensure that your website is user-friendly and loads quickly. A site that is easy to navigate and has a simple yet compelling design never fails to get the attention of your audiences and makes them stay on and complete a transaction.

  1. Your website should show your business’ credibility

People always check first if a business is trustworthy, so make sure that you’re doing the necessary steps to let your audience know of your legitimacy. Place testimonials of past clients, security badges, and reviews on your site to assuage your visitors and potential customers.

  1. A heading and sub-heading that conveys your value proposition.

The heading and sub-heading should communicate to your audience what you offer and propose.  Whether it is a product or service, let your audience understand how you are unique and a cut above the rest.

  1. Eye-catching and high-quality images.

Statistics prove that people react positively to a website with compelling visuals that reach out and affect them.  Not only should the images be able to convey a message it should also be clear and relevant to what you are offering to your audience.

  1. Be sure to address your customer’s pain points.

Your site should also be able to provide solutions to your visitors’ pain point or problem. Are they looking for a particular product or service? Let them know how your business can help them find what they’re looking for, and also tell them subtly how you have helped solve the pain point or problems of past customers.

  1. Make sure that your content is relevant and always up-to-date.

Your content should be relevant and establishes a connection with your audience.  Most importantly, it should be optimized by effectively using relevant keywords to help rank in search engine results.

  1. Your call to action should be visible.

Considering that you already established audience engagement to your site, you must be able to seal the deal and let your visitors act on it by completing a call to action. It is possible only if your call to action button is positioned prominently on your site. It will allow them to take the next step, which is to complete a transaction: whether to buy your product or service, sign up for your newsletter or download an e-book.

Your website should not only attract the audience, but it should also be an integral part of your marketing campaign which can result in high conversion and increase in revenue. These essential components serve as your guide to make a high converting website.

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