There are 3 billion people, and counting who are now using the internet and one way to make your mark is by creating a website. If you have one, you become visible online and people will get to know about you or what you represent.

These are the seven things that you need to be aware of when building your site:

  1. What is my goal or purpose in putting up a website?

You have to decide what your goal would be. Is it to promote and sell products or services so people will buy or avail it? Is it to share your advocacy? Is it to talk about your skills and be able to find like-minded people? Whatever your goal is, you should be able to have complete awareness of it.

  1. What should I name it?

Deciding on your domain name is a challenging part to do due in part to the volume of people who are buying it, resulting in unavailability of your preferred name.  It is preferable that the domain name should match the name displayed on the site for people to recall and this entails a degree of creativity on your part.

  1. Who would I want to visit my website?

You should be aware who your target audience will be.  Is it the millennials or the middle-age bracket? Do you have preferences when it comes to educational level and what their type of job is? By having a specific target audience, you will have a clearer idea when it comes to the design, approach and the tone of how you present your business or advocacy.

  1. What should I put or state on it?

Crafting the content is a vital step, and you should consider entrusting it to a professional copywriter. However, if you have superior writing skills, then you should write it yourself to put in a personalized touch.

  1. What and how do I want it to look like?

The design and layout of your site are one of the reasons why the audience will stay on and spend time on your site.  It should attract attention and must be user-friendly. You may consider hiring a web designer or use a website builder if you are not confident of your web designing skills.

  1. How will people be able to find it?

Your site becomes visible online by employing search engine optimization methods.  It entails putting relevant keywords and optimizing your content titles and headlines.

  1. How do I market and promote my site?

You should be aware of how you can actively promote your site so it can reach more target visitors that eventually become customers. Just some of the ways that you can market it are through pay per click ads and Facebook ads.

Before creating your website, make sure that you have complete awareness of those seven things.  It includes knowing what your goal is, the domain name, the target audience, your preferred design, and layout, how it can be visible online and how to promote your site.  With all these things pointed out, the creation phase will surely proceed smoothly.

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